Prenatal Massage   


Prenatal Massage is specifically designed toward caring for women who are expecting. A prenatal session focuses on the specific needs of the momma-to-be as her body goes through the many changes of pregnancy.

Postnatal Head, Neck, Shoulder Seated Massage


This is a safe and simple effective therapeutic session to help relieve stress from tight neck, lack of sleep, and all the other body tensions Momma's endure from caring for their babes.  It's a quick 30 minute - clothes on session created to aid in relaxation. 

Relaxation Massage for Momma


This is a full body session that is custom-built to the needs for any Momma, whether you've given birth, adopted, have littles at home, or have children who are all grown-up. To the Moon and Back offers a variety of modalities to create the best session for each unique client, including Swedish, energy work, and aromatherapy to promote overall well-being.

If you are interested, ask Amy about Labor Support, packages throughout the motherhood journey, and more. 

*service prices subject to change.