the journey from your breath to your heart

as you start new beginnings.

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Through these unprecedented times, practice feeling connected, less overwhelmed, and ready to welcome your little one.

Childbirth Prep

Calm Birth®️ Meditation Method

Virtual Compassionate Centered Meditation Practice Classes to support you for Birth.

Motherhood + Mindfulness

Calm Mother Meditation

Peaceful virtual opportunities to have peace and quiet for even just one hour.

Compassion Centered

Compassion is at the center of every offering, service, class, workshop, and communication.

Mindfulness Tools

Mindfulness does not have to be out of reach, you can find ease in a moment too.

Creative Realness

Gold stars are handed out in our classes for not doing things perfect, Gold stars are handed out for being real and honest and open.


Through your unique experience, you get to feel more connection to your self, your growing family, and the community around you.

Real life sacred unconventional tools, skills, and moments for today’s modern growing families.

What Our Clients are Saying

Mercedes, Mama of Two

“I learned that connecting with my body through meditation can serve many benefits from, health, sleep, connecting with your baby, and easing birth. Amy is so personable and comfortable to talk to. Being able to be yourself, open, and honest with her helped enhance the whole experience.

Tisha, Birth Colleague

“You are a true healer. The sound of your voice and the touch of your hands are calming, confident and competent. You are very professional as well as personable.”

To The Moon & Back