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To The Moon and Back

is specifically tailored to the needs

of pregnant clients through Meditation, Bodywork, 

& Creative Self-Care for Pregnancy + Birth.  


When you open the doors to parenthood and take a step towards the mindful teachings from To the Moon and Back, your new beginnings will be met with presence in mind-body-spirit.

To the Moon and Back's intention is to share genuine passion of support for
Moms, Partners, Babies, and Families.  

The goal of any offering at To the Moon and Back is for the client to sense their own personal embodiment and empowerment through the tools and techniques being shared.  

You, the client, come away with breath embodiment and other meditation practices that support your daily life for a spacious mind and a compassionate heart for yourself and your family.

To the Moon and Back cares deeply to provide education in
mindfulness, compassion, and well-being techniques for you and your family.


Amy Lee Czadzeck, NYS licensed massage therapist and Calm Birth®️ Meditation facilitator, welcomes you and meets you wherever you are on your journey where there is bound to be stress here and there.


You're most welcomed to slow down and honor this time.