To The Moon and Back is specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant clients through

Meditation, Bodywork, & Creative Self-Care for pregnancy, birth, and beyond.  


A wonderful experience "It was just simply wonderful. Amy, you are gentle and strong. Thank YOU so much I will definitely be making an appointment for next month and look forward to working without throughout my pregnancy!" -Victoria

Relaxed, restored, and grounded "To the Moon and Back is excellent. Service is customized to your needs and concerns. Always felt very relaxed and left the session feelings restored and grounded." -K.D

Calming and Restoring "Amys' calm and skillful intuition created the space to unwind and allow my body to release the tension and bound energy that builds up as a mother. Her space is gorgeous and peaceful as is her work.  A must for moms, pre and postpartum." -Kathryn H.

Compassion "This was a wonderful experience of healing, release and rebalancing. Amy held a deeply supportive space and guided for my wife and in nurturing compassionate connection with our selves and each other as we prepare for the arrival of our little one. I highly recommend To the Moon and Back, as well as this treatment. Great Thanks, Amy! " -Camille



When you open the doors to parenthood and take a step towards the mindful teachings from  To the Moon and Back to, your new beginnings will be met with presence in mind-body-spirit.

Amy Lee Czadzeck, NYS licensed massage therapist and Calm Birth®️ Meditation facilitator, welcomes you and meets you wherever you are on your journey where there is bound to be stress here and there

and invites you to slow down and honor this time.  

Together, sharing wisdom and nourishing care, we can develop a life long love of learning mindfulness, compassion, and well-being techniques connecting with all walks of parenthood for a families that are resilient from To the Moon and Back.