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30 Days To Fill You Cup

Simple daily self-care prompts

Self-care is a must this February!
Want to join me for 30 days of inspiring self-care actions?

Sign up at the link: http://eepurl.com/dja7vX

Simple and do-able and maybe even you'll feel good through the winter.

I'm offering 30 Days to Fill Your Cup Free email series starting February 1, 2018. This was wildly popular 7 years ago and I met so many lovely people since then that I've collaborated with.

Simply sign up at the link above, and on February 1st, you'll receive daily email invitations on how to easily add self-care into your days with a few creative doses of inspiration here and there.

It's really special, my self-taught designer husband designs them and I write them up with my chops. If you all like them, there's a chance we will make a deck of "fill your cup" cards this year for your nightstand.

And don't worry if you are late to sign up, you can start at any time on the 30 days and get the full set at the end.  


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