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At a young age, I double-majored in attending the elementary school nurse’s office with stomach aches and believing my dolls wanted me to be their Mom. After growing up, I was challenged with painful periods due to endometriosis and lived with the possibility of not being able to conceive and carry my own children.

I was able to conceive and birth two healthy children, which increased my determination to be a supportive voice in the journey of womanhood.

I balanced my health conditions with personal creative work and continuing education, like writing poetry and attending massage therapy school, which greatly influences my current work. Long before I had my children, I came to learn the great benefits of mindfulness through a retreat center that taught me how to sit in circle with women, to have gratitude for my body, and to move and eat with intention of mindfulness. Inspired through that and then from the undeniably transformation that comes from becoming a Mama, and making a home, I decided to begin to learn how to share mindfulness and self-care with others. This is my heartwork, which allows me to make space for things of importance to me, from nature walks with my family to setting up future plans of philanthropy for Mamas.

My integrative approach—no matter what state of mind and body life is in—is to find points of ease despite whatever role/task I’ve been assigned. I practice mindfulness as a real life person - who wants to nurture her family and also has beautiful whole spectrum thoughts and feelings and dreams and ideas of her own.

For me, meditation isn’t much about enlightenment, but rather, a way to capture inner knowing and love. It’s a way to plant a little bit of presence in our hearts; a yearning to connect with the intrinsic wisdom of the natural world, honoring the diverse ancient traditions, and simply, being a human. Ultimately, it’s about living a life. 


Mothering + Mindfulness

Amy became certified in Calm Birth®️ Mediation with Robert Newman and Anna Humphreys in 2017 after deepening her meditation practice, letting go of perfection, and making an intention to parent more consciously with her own children.  All of her teachers come into her work and she is grateful to share them. Amy's biggest teachers are her two children, who's coming into this world surely inspired the creation of To the Moon and Back. Amy wrote about her Calm Birth teaching and experience on the blog here. 


Bodywork Beginnings

Amy Lee Czadzeck is a graduate of Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY and became a licensed massage therapist in New York State in 2006. She began her practice at a home office in Western New York and has worked in salon and spas.  She studied all three levels of Reiki and hot stone massage with Hallie Sawyers of Soul Song. When she moved to Eastern New York, she provided mobile massage therapy for clients with chronic pain.  In 2014, she became certified in prenatal massage with Michelle Beaulieu of New Moon Holistic.  She also learned the craft of Indian Head Massage with Life Works Wellness.   Amy continued further training through the Institute of Somatic Therapy in prenatal massage in 2016.  She completed 18 hours of advanced perinatal massage mentoring through Body Therapy Education with Carole Osborne, the woman who wrote the book on prenatal massage.


Continuing Ed.

In December 2016, Amy completed her training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy for Moms and Babies with the great Michael Shea where she learned compassion practices.  In 2017, Amy trained in a course called Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss to deepen her connection to supporting through bodywork through difficult situations. She also received certification Birthing Mama® Prenatal Yoga and Wellness Birth Professionals Online Workshop where she gained insight of how to offer more self-care techniques to her clients. In 2019, Amy will be entering her third year of three, on her way to become a biodynamic craniosacral therapist through Margery Chessare at Turtleback Craniosacral Education.  


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