Amy Lee Czadzeck

At a young age, I double-majored in attending the elementary school nurse’s office frequently with stomach aches and believing my dolls wanted me to be their Mom. After growing up, and challenged with painful periods due to endometriosis and a possibility of not being able to have children, I was able to conceive and birth two healthy children, which increased my appreciation for the uterus and the journey of womanhood.

I balanced my health problems with personal creative work and continuing education, like writing poetry and attending massage therapy school, which greatly influences my current work. Eventually, I realized the great benefits of mindfulness, from many retreats and trainings, so I decided to begin to learn how to facilitate it. This allowed me to make space for things of importance to me, from nature walks to setting up future plans of philanthropy.

My integrative approach—no matter what state of mind and body life is in—is to find points of ease despite whatever role/task I’ve been assigned. I practice mindfulness as a real life person - who wants to nurture her family and also has beautiful whole spectrum thoughts and feelings and dreams and ideas of her own.

For me, meditation isn’t about enlightenment, but rather, a way to capture inner knowing and love. It’s a way to plant a little bit of presence in our hearts; a yearning to connect with the intrinsic wisdom of the natural world, honoring the diverse ancient traditions, and simply, being a human. Ultimately, it’s about living a life.





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