Meditative childbirth preparation empowering families through pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Calm Birth

Register for a retreat. Embrace powerful yet simple meditation methods for childbirth.

A 6-hour in-person workshop day-retreat at Kindnest in Ballston Lake, NY, where you and your birth partner spend a day learning meditation techniques, away from the stresses of your day-to-day, nestled into a space dedicated to comfort and peace.

Amy Lee Czadzeck leads you with personal attention to help create an empowering and calming experience for pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. 

The NEXT In-Person Workshop Retreat is Sunday, December 1st. 10am- 4pm
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Calm Birth empowers you

Calm Birth empowers you and your support team through ANY type of birth while enhancing prenatal bonding for both parents.

You'll learn breath awareness techniques that will serve you in these busy modern times. The practice of meditation can lead you towards better health, increased happiness, and deep connection for you and your baby.

Participants in the Calm Birth Method learn to breathe energy - to increase energy levels and to give birth with an empowered presence.

Calm Birth also offers Calm Mother meditations to help after the birth, when it’s most essential to find ways to be resilient through night feedings and sleepless days.

In Calm Birth Meditation, You'll Learn:

The Power of Sitting

Every class we begin with a simple three step guide which is a mindfulness meditation to learn how to sit comfortably, calm the mind, and breath with awareness.

The Power of Sitting is the foundation of the entire Calm Birth program.

The Practice of Opening

This is a reclining practice of neuromuscular release based on the most proven method of mind/body medicine.  Done while lying comfortably in a safe position in pregnancy, this practice enables you to progressively release muscle stresses on nerves, which has a relaxing effect on the nervous system of both mom and baby.   You will be guided throughout your whole body, from head to toe, to appreciate the miraculous life energy embodied within for you and your child.

Womb Breathing

This is a sitting practice of energy breathing used in different traditions of meditation science.  Womb breathing teaches you how to breathe vital energy from the air into the "life vase" in the navel center of your energy body.

A practice of consciously breathing energy gain, Womb Breathing develops an expanded sense of body and function. It has remarkable potential for noninvasive labor pain management. The practice of Womb Breathing can also empower the partner to bond with the wombchild.

Giving and Receiving

This is a healing practice from ancient wisdom applied to childbirth. This famous healing practice handed down through the ages is based on compassionate breathing. There are important opportunities for compassion in childbirth. This is a far-reaching breathing practice that enables a pregnant person to recover intrinsic abilities in preparation to give birth.

The Giving and Receiving technique is ideal for the birth partner to practice during labor.


Benefits of Childbirth Meditation

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Decreases stress hormones as it elevates hormones like oxytocin, endorphins, DHEA, melatonin, and serotonin– hormones that enhance the mother-baby bond

  • Allows for more effective, all-natural pain management 


About Your Facilitator

Welcome, I’m Amy. I am dedicated in a vision of awakened birth work. May you have wise supporters and a listening-knowing embodiment of your journey in parenthood. I am honored to touch into cultivating peace for your growing families. I hope for new generations to know the practice of compassion, the depth of love and community, and the gift of presence. Learn more about me here.

~ Amy Lee Czadzeck, Owner of To the Moon and Back, LMT, Calm Birth®️ Facilitator, and Mama

Calm Birth Meditation featured by Parents Magazine

Frequently Asked Questions


I've never meditated before. Will I be successful with Calm Birth Meditation?  

Yes, yes!  All are welcome, from beginners to frequent meditators.   There's no expectation to be a guru in these classes; only an invitation to come with an open mind and heart.  Meditation is a wonderful tool to use in the journey of parenthood and no one has mastered that either.  

I do not have a birth partner. Can I still participate?

Of course!  These tools begin with you and your growing baby.  It is welcomed to have a support person because not only would they gain from this work but they can support you in your practice.  But it is not necessary. 

What happens if I go into labor before I take a class?

Ideally, it is good to take the workshop before the estimated due date. But going into labor is a possibility and because birth happens sometimes when we are least expecting,  I offer recorded sessions of the class that is still beneficial even after you have the baby.  

What if I plan to use an epidural or other medical pain management? Can I use Calm Birth, too?

Yes you can!  Planned or unplanned.  "Natural" or a "Medical" birth.  These meditation tools are directly applicable for any birth. 

Is Calm Birth Meditation safe for someone who is high-risk or on bed rest?

The benefits of meditation are many and have been proven successful for many folks.  If you are a high-risk pregnancy and on bed rest, I would imagine these tools may feel empowering for your mind and your heart.  Send me a note, and we can set up some ZOOM meetings, as long as you can access the internet from your home or hospital, you'll be good to go to take some classes. 


Have questions before you register? Contact Amy here.