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Calm Birth® and Calm Mother Meditation available for one day workshops at Gloversville, NY office, weekly ONLINE sessions, and/or in home private one on one sessions. 

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According to my teacher Robert Newman, "The stress-reducing benefits of meditation are clearly profound on a physiological level, but having the added bonuses of elevated mood and better sleep can make pregnancy a more enjoyable experience. Imagine being able to relax and marvel at the wonders of pregnancy, sinking into a state of calm and union with your baby. Meditation is a simple but profound method to enhance all aspects of your pregnancy, birth, and life itself."   Read more from Robert, here. 

In a Calm Birth Workshop, we review the physiological benefits of meditation on your pregnancy, we talk about your current challenges, I show you tips on how to find comfort in your body while meditating, and we take a moment to slow down and honor this sacred time in your life.  And most importantly, we put into practice the tools of progressive relaxation, Womb Breathing, and guided Giving and Receiving meditation.  This way you, yourself, get to experience the benefits for yourself. 

If you are interested in registering for a one day workshop, register here.

To learn more about online or in home private sessions, contact Amy. 


 Summer Classes are June 9th, July 28th, or August 18th.  Still spots available! 

Summer Classes are June 9th, July 28th, or August 18th.  Still spots available!