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Requests for collaborations and interviews

Thank you for your interest in collaborating and interviewing To the Moon and Back. It is something I love to do but not something I always have space for.  My main focus is care for my clients and family and my own self-care. 

I do only take a few co-collaborations, interviews, podcasts, etc. in a year. Please fill out the form for my team to review your request.  

Thanks, Amy

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Co-Colloboration at To the Moon and Back

Each Season, I invite a few workshop hosts who are willing to bring their gifts and talents to my meditation space as a mutual supportive co-colloborative endeavor.   

If you are interested in applying to be a workshop host at To the Moon and Back, there is an application process and an agreement form for you to sign if you are accepted.  We offer very limited sessions each season.   I do my best to offer a diverse workshop group each season. 

I set up the original event through my facebook page and add you as a co-host. I would appreciate you to market your own workshop, pipe in on facebook events for your workshop and answer questions of potential workshop go-ers and add in any inspiration or photos that you have of what you'll be offering to peak interest. 

I share your workshop event details in my growing newsletter list.  I take registration sign-ups through my website and send a bulk welcome to the participants in which I introduce you.  In that email, I give instructions on when-what-where-and how to pay you.    

You need to communicate via an email to your participants prior on anything you would like them to know prior and once you received payment. 

I do expect you to handle payment ahead of time through payment on your website and to provide me a payment link for my welcome email to the participants.  Please develop a cancelation policy that is clearly stated on your webpage.  

You will receive  80% total profit from your workshop. I will ask for 20% for the use of space, set-up, and my time spent marketing.  Payment must be made to me before the workshop begins.  

This has worked out lovely in the past,  simply, I ask you to represent my space and my business with good ethics and communication.  

I'm delighted to have your application.   I hope I can support your vision. 

Note: If class fills right away, we can not offer another class but will take names and info for a waitlist.  

Thanks, Amy

Please fill out the form below.  

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