📲⛏Tech Tools

Welcome to this October's New Moon where busy life and delightful distractions collide...
How do you feel equipped to be present with what's in front of you?
How do you let go of what you can't control?  
How do you be real and get adaptable? 

The busiest time of year is here for me, my business, and my family.

And yet this is also my most favorite time of year.

This is still to say it can feel overwhelming and I usually have to lean into the idea of being busy when I'm sort of a homebody.  So in order to meet what's happening, the events on the calendar, the chipping away at owning a home and running a business, and raising two great kids, I strive to create systems that help me create spaciousness in life.  

That's why I wanted to share something that is typically something I normally wouldn't be sharing in these "self-care" emails.  I made a quick list of my favorite effective apps and tech tools to share with you.

These apps and tools help me get things done and remain organized while working to continue to thrive in all the areas of responsibilities I hold in life while still allowing myself to be comfortable and not too overstretched because I would say YES to everything if I could. 

I'm not necessarily a tech savvy person, and you don't have to be either.  

I'd much rather be outside in the woods with YOU than communicating with a phone or computer in my hand but I gotta say these things help me do life. And I hope they help you on your journey into the next few months of holidays, school events, births, birthdays, business booms, and whatever else in on your plate. (By the way, I'm not affiliated in any way to these brands and businesses.)

Amy's Current Favorite Effective Apps and Tech Tools 

Asana is a task list and communication system for projects that keep track when you have a partner or team of people.  This is the magic of how my husband and I manage the work he and I do, together. He is my unpaid support for tech and business marketing. (Thank you, honey!)  He is really great at that stuff which I'm fine at but a lot slower. What I am better than him at is keeping us on track, setting up the deadlines and helping us set our dreams into action. 

Atlas is a human anatomy atlas. Yes, well, geek along with me - shall we?  It costs a bit and it takes a bit of memory on my phone.  But if you need to refer to the human body, this is a great app for your education and inquiry.  It's a 3D human model and is just an interesting reference with different views of the body. 

Calendly cuts out the back and forth text and emails to schedule a session or have a meeting.  I go in the software and put in the days and times I'm available for whatever session or meeting. The other person looking to connect can easily see what works and gets to look at their own schedule and book right away.  I'm a big fan of this!  Probably cuts out 2 hours of back and forth a week for me! 

Google Calendar, enough said. Now this will sound over the top but I also still use the tried and true method of a handwritten schedule book AND Google calendar.  A feature I like are the reminders. I need reminders for some simple things I often over look. For example, Wednesday mornings I have to scoot out of the house for a 45 minute commute and be not a minute late. There have been days that I've asked the Universe to make sure my car doesn't run of of gas before I get to my destination! Since I've added the reminder to my google calendar that means, I don't worry I'll run out of gas and now on Tuesday afternoon I get a reminder on my phone to make sure I fill up my car with gas before Wednesday morning comes.

My FLO is my go to period tracker besides going with the great rhythms of the moon, this modern day gal has found her answer. As a female with specific female health challenges, this helps me chart my menstruation cycle and symptoms.  That way I know and knowing is empowerment.  And if I go to the specialist with any issues, I've got much of the information right there to share with what's happening with me.  

The Tabata Stopwatch Pro Timer (quite literally, keeps you on your toes!)  I found a workout that is intense but also empowering for the type of movement I am craving lately.  Tabata is interval training and it's no fun to do without a specialized app timer. I've tried to do it without and it pulls the focus out of the workout if you're trying to time yourself. 

Zoom is an online "meeting." I use this for long distant clients and have a professional paid account. It allows me to share my screen of information such as a slide show, to see their faces in real time, and to record a class to send if they missed it.  It's better than Skype and Google Hangouts for when your serious about making a webinar, a class, or even just a face to face virtual check in happen without worry to be kicked off or have digital challenges. it's user friendly, I haven't had any hiccups with audio or video yet!

And lastly, a very personal and fun one.  I can't share tech stuff without a nod to my modern day children. 

Story Pirates is a family favorite podcast. This podcast asks kids to write in with their made-up stories and the Story Pirate folks are basically improv and comedic geniuses and make the kids' stories into songs and such.  It's incredibly silly and my whole family is usually laughing or singing along. My kids (including my hubby and I) are big into stories. In having children that are ages 10 and 3, it is my forever mission as they grow, to support their age gap and bring them together when possible. Stories help the age gap and foster imagination to wherever they are developmentally.  We listen at home or when we are traveling. Enjoy with the kids in your life! 

Happy Tech Exploring for a more mindful and motivated journey into Fall and the Holidays, 

Amy Czadzeck