💖 The Petite Retreat 2018 Recap

Welcome Full Moon!  This newsletter is going to be a bit different from the last.  As you can see, each new and full moon newsletter brings a different story but hopefully the same heart that moves you in some way. And somedays, in days where I'd rather not listen to the news or face the laundry, I just need to write about something that makes my heart sing and celebrate the fun times To the Moon and Back gets to explore in its journey with others.  How is your heart singing nowadays?  Can you find an excuse to celebrate?  Even a little one? If so, just do it!


We had such a delightful time at The Petite Retreat as you can see here pictured are some lovely Moms and their babies enjoying the peace tent with me. 

For those of you who visited, please stay in touch and keep me posted on your Mindful Momma journey.  

For those who weren't there, here's a bit of a recap of what our day held:

The Petite Retreat brought vendors in the field of pregnancy, postnatal, and early childhood folks together under one big beautiful dance museum roof to educate and share with families what is out there in the world of local goodness and services.   

This year, To the Moon and Back offered a "Peace Tent," where everyone was invited to sit in stillness for a brief moment.  If they did, which many did, they got a peace button to proudly wear all day.  

We nearly missed our goal of 50 folks collectively sitting for peace. But for me it was a win because a few Moms asked if they could take a few extra minutes of peace before they got up - ha! 

At the paint and "sit" event, I shared a brief neuromuscular release exercise and a heart opening hand gesture mudra to find compassion for ourselves at mothers in our journey.  And then we had fun and played with watercolor paint. I was delighted at the number of Mamas (& Papas) that were one-handed painting while also nursing and feeding and rocking their babies. Multi-tasking is a mother's strength and simply by adding some attention to breath - the vibe was calm and cool and courageous.  They each dove deep into their art prints.  Everyone took home of the To the Moon and Back Mama Moon and Baby Moon logo of their own unique beauty and artistry to hang in a special spot serving as a reminder to be right where they are. 

My husband helped me a whole bunch for the day and he asked me in reflection of the full day if I thought it was success.  And I whole-heartedly could said yes it was!  

Connection is why I do my work.  

I got to meet and talk to so many beautiful growing families who were receptive to finding space for self-care and meditation.  I got to hug and meet the faces of many of the families that have already taken the Calm Birth Meditation class. And dare I say, a few babies, seemed to remember my voice. Ha! I'm beyond blessed in this work and grateful to do what I do. 

Hope to see you all next year! 

And Happy Full Moon.  Do me a favor and sit by a moonlit window or head right outside and breath in the moon air for at least one good solid minute.  

Peace, Amy

The winner of the Petite Retreat eye pillow giveaway is Natalia.  I'll connect with you directly Natalia about how to get it to you


Amy Czadzeck