the mother journey


In so many ways, for so many days, in the daily work of being a mother, We, Mothers, seek ferociously to touch a wisdom, a slowness, a stillness, a health and care for our families.

There is no other role that calls us out as much to live in our fullness then being a mother. Mothers are GOLD.

If you want to be a part of Woman-Mother creative and courageous journey and have a chance to be seen, heard, and moved, I want to document where you are in your life.

If you want to spend time conscious time being with your children, if you wish to be invited to take time for yourself, if you are needing/wanting support in knowing the transformations that happen on a daily basis from committing to presence in your life and those children around you, let's connect.  


Amy Lee Czadzeck

the mother

photography sessions

These photography sessions are to nourish a mama's mind, body, and soul.

I believe in photographic healing. Our sessions are aimed to be a witness with curiosity and wonder to a mother’s love to their families and callings to their own hearts.

I believe in the preservation of togetherness. And self-care. I will invite surrender and ease into the day. No perfect hair, no need to force a smile if it feels like a rough day, I will put on some tea and ask you to kick up for a moment where I get to learn about your motherhood journey.

Slowing down is important to me because true presence is a gift to our families.

I stand for connection and love, always. Love is all we have to do today. Let’s capture that!


What’s an actual session like?

I come to your home for 6-8 hours. I will move with your rhythm. I document what is seen, heard, and felt through the shifting light and the natural interactions through you and your children.

I seek the daily moments that so often we don’t get to capture and get to remember the intense sweetness and utter exhaustion and bliss we experience as mothers.

I look for light. I find the magic through the chaos and mess. I will invite you to live it. Even just for this day.

Cost for the day of the shooting and my photography services is $500. You will receive 5-8 edited digital copies. With your permission, I will chose one photo and caption to be a part of a mother collaborative book I will put together after I complete 12 mother sessions.

I will also personally create a poem dedicated just for you.

You deserve it!

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