To The Moon and Back is specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant clients through prenatal massage and Calm Birth®️Meditation for pregnancy, birth, and beyond.  Partners are always welcome to come and learn how to give and gain support at this special time as well.  

Amy Lee Czadzeck, NYS licensed massage therapist and Calm Birth®️ Meditation facilitator, welcomes you and meets you wherever you are on your journey where there is bound to be tension here and there and invites you to slow down and honor this time.

Located in the historic Schine Memorial Hall in Gloversville, a gem of comforting retreat awaits you. 

When you walk in the doors of To the Moon and Back to when you leave, your new beginnings will be met with presence in mind-body-spirit.

 Amy Lee Czadzeck is experienced in bodywork and in life, with two boys of her own and a life long love of learning mindfulness, compassion, and well-being techniques, connecting with all walks of Motherhood, and sharing wisdom and nourishing care to each unique client she touches.