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You care deeply to offer yourself an in-depth learning exploration to give presence for you and your growing family, to bring back to your very real parenting life.


You care deeply to offer insightful support for your clients and their growing families, to maintain a mission of quality care and best practices.

To the Moon and Back is delighted to be a part of this invaluable journey and to help you apply mindful practices and wisdom traditions to new beginnings.

So glad you are here.



about to the moon and back

Core Principals
& Values

To the Moon and Back cares. We are honored to work with a diverse group of clients and birth field workers who awe us with inspiring stories and dreams of how they want to engage as parents and providers. Below are just some of the core principals that many participants explore through the education and workshops. Learn more about Amy, To the Moon and Back’s creator, here.

physical nature

Human bodies are miraculous. So often, we forget how amazing it was that we got here. To the Moon and Back asks each participant to connect with their physical nature and get curious and connected to the basics of breath and body awareness.

compassion Based focus

Our hearts are literally communicating with electromagnetic waves. To sit with intention of opening the heart, to practice awareness of how to listen to one’s own heart and to bring interceptive awareness of another is a profound skill that To the Moon and Back places focus on.


To the Moon and Back welcomes ALL. We wish all who enter our doors feel supported and are able to support us in carrying a legacy of acceptance, hope, and understanding of what humanity is. We especially honor the growing education of how we can understand privilege and contribute positively to the future.


meaning making

We invite each participant to be responsible to process and reflect their own inner voice. We don’t judge the story, the lives, the choices participants make. We do ask each person come with an open mind and heart to bridge, build, and grow with the knowledge you gain.



Historic Downtown


Our space is part of the Old Shine Building, once an old opera house. Feel free to check out our downstairs neighbor food cooperative, Mohawk Harvest, the fashionable glove shop, and snap a pic with the marquee of the old Glove Theater.

Street parking is available.

Mend the part of the world that is within your reach.
— Dr. Clarissa PInkola Estes